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About Us

We are a company which specializes in made to order cardboard boxes, separator pads and partitions, die-cut paper and cardboard products.

Pak-Wik also offers "one stop shopping" for the pre-hung door and window industry. We offer many products that will protect your investment and prevent damage when you are shipping your products.    Read More


Highlighted Products

Sticky Back Spacers

Sticky Back Spacers for doors and windows

When used for pre-hung doors or windows, Spacers locate the door/ window within the frame. There is no measuring as the proper spacing is automatic. The Spacer prevents twisting, rattling and damage during shipment. Spacers save labor as the Spacer is 3 times as fast as stapling. Spacers come in all thicknesses with several superb adhesives. Custom printing is available for your company logo.

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Door Plug

Door Plug

Used as a latch bolt during construction to keep the door closed. Is also an alignment guide for the installer while hanging the door. Used on interior and exterior doors.

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Reinforced Lift Handle

Reinforced Door Handle

Useful for both windows and door units. It makes moving the product for demonstration or shipping easier. It saves back strain and pinched fingers.

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